2016 Grand Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge!


Car enthusiasts from all over the nation flock to our small, mountain town of Pigeon Forge each year to admire and show off their custom classics in the Grand Spring Rod Run.

Not only is it an Appalachian tradition but also is a deeper tradition that most don’t know about.

Pigeon Forge Rod Runs actually started as part of the underground moonshine cultures born in Prohibition-era South Appalachia.  Even though the U.S. government outlawed the sale of liquor in the 30s, that didn’t stop people from craving it—and making the hard stuff.  People in remote regions, like the Smoky Mountains, being making their own liquor concoctions in hidden mountain stills.  They would then sell their goods to barkeeps across the country to sell in “speakeasies” at a steep premium.

Now how do hot rods fit into this? There was a huge risk to brewing moonshine—government agents were quick to prosecute moonshiners if they could catch them.  The liquor producers and runners needed the fastest getaway cars on the road to outrun the government agents.

And the hot rod we now know and love was born!

From April 14 – 16, the LeConte Center will be buzzing with all the classics, door prizes, live music and $8,000 is cash giveaways!  Call MCS Promotions for registration: (865) 687-3976.

Need a place to stay?  Pigeon Forge has some of the best cabin rentals, hotels and condos with views of our Great Smoky Mountains! Plan your visit now and get those engines revving!