Can I Drive A Golf Cart At The Rod Runs?

It can be tough getting around the parkway during the Pigeon Forge rod runs, so we understand the need to improvise. However – it’s important to understand Tennessee’s laws and regulations regarding exactly what kind of vehicles you’re allowed to drive in the city. Here are some frequently asked questions on driving golf carts at the rod runs.

Can you drive golf carts in Pigeon Forge?

Can I drive a golf cart?

You can drive it but you will get a ticket. So, the answer is no. Traditional golf carts, unless modified to meet all of the low or medium speed vehicle requirements under Tennessee law and the federal safety standards, cannot be used on public roads, alleys, public parking lots or sidewalks.

So, how do I modify my golf cart to meet vehicle requirements for Tennessee Law?

To meet the requirement, low speed vehicles must have basic safety equipment:

golf carts pigeon forge rod runs

  • Head lamps
  • Stop lamps
  • Front and rear turn signal lamps
  • Tail lamps
  • Reflectors (one red on each side near the rear & one red on the back)
  • Parking brake
  • One exterior mirror mounted on the driver’s side of the vehicle
  • One additional mirror on the passenger side or an interior mirror
  • A windshield meeting the standards outlined in 49 CFR 571.205 (not plexiglass)
  • Seat belts (type 1 or 2) located at each designated seating position
  • A vehicle identification number (VIN).

The owners and operators of low speed vehicles, including modified golf carts, must have a Class D driver license in their possession when operating the vehicle, have the vehicle registered and provide proof of valid insurance.

Where can I register my vehicle?

To register a low speed vehicle that is designed and manufactured for on-road use, applicants should head over to their local county clerk’s office a copy of the vehicle’s MSO as proof that the vehicle meets all statutory requirements and safety standards, along with the traditional documentation required for vehicle registration. Applicants must submit the low speed vehicle affidavit form (RV-F1314301) with their registration application when there is no MSO indicating the vehicle is a low speed vehicle.

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